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  • DEEP CLEANING RIDGES: The Dental Buddies All Natural Dental Treats are uniquely designed with 360-degree ridges that can help reduce build up, freshen breath and improve overall dental hygiene. It’s an edible toothbrush that your dog will love!
  • PLAQUE & TARTAR: The long ridged edges and gritty texture work together to help reduce tartar and plaque buildup as they chew. Dental Buddies does the deep cleaning, so you don’t have to!
  • EASY TO DIGEST: Turn a chore into a treat with our delicious all-natural formula. Made with simple ingredients that can help reduce bad breath and maintain healthy gums without disrupting your pups tummy!
  • ALL NATURAL DENTAL TREATS: Dental Buddies is brought to you by the “Pet Treat Pros”. We understand that pups often have stinky breath, so we’ve decided to provide you with our edgy, groovy, custom designed dental treats to help deep clean your best friends teeth.
  • TRUSTED INGREDIENTS: Premium dental dog treats made with hand selected ingredients sourced only in the USA to ensure quality and freshness for even the pickiest pups satisfaction. 
  • Orders for 16oz. may receive two 8oz. bags.

Dental Buddies - Dental Treats

  • Pea Flour, Barley Flour, Coconut Glycerin, Brewers Yest, Dextrose, Molasses, Peanut Flour, Salt, Gelatin, Peanut Butter Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, and Mixed Tocopherols